I've begun looking at a PRS SE model as possibly being my next guitar. Before looking at PRS I was apprehensive about buying a guitar with a Floyd Rose-type tremolo because of the difficulty in changing tunings (I play in tunings ranging from E standard to Drop C and C# and would like to be able to change between them at will).
I understand that the PRS trem is still a floating trem and thus the springs must be adjusted whenever tuning is changed, but being the fact that it isn't a double-locking trem, is it as much of a pain as a Floyd?
Should I just buy a hardtail version?

Also, how well-built are the SE model trems?
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Either a hard tail or if it's possible to have the bridge sitting on the body of the guitar so it can only go down the way. It's not the locking and unlocking part, it's the length of time it takes to tune all the strings up and down and adjust the springs too, it'd feel like forever trying to do it at a gig or that.
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I guess that's the bottom line. Thanks! Perhaps a PRS trem in the future... but hardtail for now.