combo or head? This something i'm considering getting down the road to replace my VHT special 6 ultra.

so the questions are:

head or combo?
how does it work for metal tones?
how are the cleans?
how well does it accept pedals?
mostly home use but gigging maybe 10-15 times a year with small crowds (less than 100 people)
Head or Combo?

Depends how much you like GT12-75s. I've always thought they were nice in the studio, but rubbish in the room. If you want a speaker with a nice room sound, get the combo and swap the speaker for an Eminence Legend. The combo won't make life easy on stage, you'd want a nice 2x12/4x12 to get some air moving. Solution to that is getting a cradle for the amp to have it tilted back, blasting you with tone and leaving the audience up to the PA.

Metal tones?

Works well enough. It's no 5150, that's for sure, and to me sounded very plain. Doesn't have it's own distinct character. While it's certainly not a BAD amp, it's just not the most inspiring thing ever. Doesn't make you think "**** me sideways, that sounds intense" like a Soldano, but it definitely gets the job done.

More details, you ask? Average note definition, smooth - yet somewhat weak - low end, flat mids and nice tops. Not the greatest rhythm amp ever, but handles lead work quite well.


Quite nice. Similarly above, note definition isn't amazing, and the low end is pretty weak. Easy to push, responds well to technique.

Pedal tolerance?

Effects loop worked fine, just put a TC Hall of Fame in there for testing, no problems with it. Made the clean channel quite nice to play with.