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5 42%
7 58%
Voters: 12.
Definitely more relaxed w/o anchor, but still got some anchoring habit left, so depending on what i'm playing I'd say it's like 70% w/o and 30 w/ anchor. Trying to get rid of the anchoring habit completely ^^
I'm anchored to an extent but I'd describe myself as unanchored... you can see in my videos. Basically I used to have be palm always to the guitar but now I only occasionally bring my pinky to the body for some extra stability.

In general I advise every to be an unanchored as possible as anchoring creates more obstacles than it solves problems.
With mainly playing metal, I generally anchor slightly on the bridge, I find I get quicker access for palm muting. Sometimes though I'll just leave my pinky touching the pick guard and nothing else. This seems to be the comfiest method for me
the very act of anchoring and restricting your movement is going to result in more tension than if your hand is free to move -this isn't a matter of opinion, this is a fact.
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