Well I just picked up a new Taylor DDX which plays great but I do have one concern. After getting it home I took a look in the sound hole and noticed this.

Should I be concerned? On first impressions it looked like damp to me but I might be panicking over nothing and it could be where some lacquer or glue has spilled through on the build process. It is directly below the bridge/saddle on the bottom/base of the guitar.

The next thing I noticed was that the back of the guitar was not completely flat but slightly arched. I took a look on the Taylor website, and according to the pdf link below this is how Taylor guitars with laminate back and sides are meant to be (See bottom of pdf). It did scare the hell outo me though as I thought the spots were damp and had caused the back to bow!


So back to the spots. Are they a cause for concern? I'm thinking if I ever come to sell the guitar it might freak someone else out.

What do you think?
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the back is supposed to be arched a little bit. I'm not sure about those marks on the inside... I would take it back and compare it to some others at the store. Then you can make a decision.
those spots are too small - even if they had been moisture, they wouldn't have caused the back to bowl. the spots could have happened in the manufacturing process, but they could just have easily have happened in the store. if they bother you, exchange it.
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Phewww!!! It cleaned off. Looks like it was just lacquer from the build process. There is still a very faint residue but nothing to worry about.
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that guitar is beautiful, if it was me i might of taken it back if you bought it brand new. Its too good looking to have any stains on it.
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