I use Ernie Ball's at the moment, but I wanted to compare them to other brands of strings.

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Just wanted people's opinions on them.
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I've always used D'addarios. No reason, just have.

I've always used ernie ball for the same reason. except for when i briefly used DW. I switched back because I didnt like all the twang.
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Elixir are the best strings on the market, because they have dubble the resistans then the regual strings, and that means you can use them much longer and dont have to worrie about changing the strings every month.
For my electrics I just use whichever brand I can find the best deal on when I'm buying them, I've never found that different brands make enough difference to pay extra if I can find something else cheaper.

For my acoustics I always use Martin, not totally sure why I started doing that several years ago but I've always been happy with them and liked the sound they give me.
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I have tried EB and D'Addario and D'addario last longer and break less for me.

Never use Gibson strings, worst strings ever.

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Ive always used ernie balls but changed to d'addario on a friends recommendation a few months back, for some reason d'addarios begin to rust and turn black after a few days on the guitar whether I play it or not so im going back to ernie balls which seem to last much much longer
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i've always used d'adarrios because i started with them and they sound fine to me; never tried and compared other strings. any objective reasons why elixirs are better? and what's the deal with rotosound; more and more fusion artists are endorsing them.
EB regular slinky's have always worked for me.
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I've used loads, Picato (years ago), Rotosound, Fender, d'addario. But for the past 10 years I've used Ernie Ball super slinky's. Great strings and a good price.