Hello everybody !!

i play a lot of metal riffs that needs some fast palm muted downstrokes ! sometimes i play them with the right speed and accuracy ! and some times i can't play fast and when i try to play fast i lose accuracy and i feel some pain in my right arm !

i wanna know if it needs a warm up ? or an exercice that devlopes accuracy and speed ?

Slow it right down and use a metronome I'd say start from 80bpm and just gradually bring it up to full speed, it can be tedious but if you stick at it I'm sure you'll notice the difference, that's how I approach it
Yeah, I read you should always practice slowly, not only does it help you with your technique, you also feel the shit more.
Start by making sure your hand is really relaxed and play at a speed that feels unnervingly slow (it's subjective I guess). Pay really close attention to exactly how you pick, and make sure that no matter what, you're a) hitting every note accurately and b) you're entirely relaxed. As soon as you feel tension, stop, relax, then continue. If you get up to a speed where you are either not relaxed or can't play accurately, drop the speed and practice at a speed that you can play accurately while relaxed for a while.

A really good way to improve your picking hand accuracy is to mute the strings with your left hand - it allows you to focus on the right hand better, and means you won't get away with *thinking* you've picked a note when actually you've missed it entirely but you hammered on.

The main thing to remember here is - playing very slowly will feel unnatural or even uncomfortable. You WON'T be able to play as fast as you usually can AT FIRST like this because there will be a lot of things to focus on. E.g. if you can usually gallop 16ths fairly easily at 200bpm, don't expect to be able to go anywhere near that speed at first while also focusing on relaxation and perfect accuracy - that comes with time. I see a lot of guides that tell you to relax, and to start slow, and it's all correct, but you really have to remember:

1. When you start to focus on this, you won't initially be able to hit your usual speeds
2. Just because you get to a certain speed one day doesn't automatically mean you'll be able to start at that speed again the next. Start each practice session slow, otherwise you'll get frustrated and think "I could play this twice as fast last night!"

Quote by Wolfmanxci
I'd say start from 80bpm

^ that depends on the timing of the piece - 16ths at 80bpm is the same as 8ths at 160...
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