hi,i want to buy a new guitar.recently i had a cort evl k4 but my hands are big and i think it's fretboard was a bit smal.
some weeks ago i played with my friend's ibanez rg 350 x made in korea and it's neck was great and my left hand was very comfortable on it.so i decided to buy an ibanez rg prestige and probably one between rg1570 and rg2570.
but my question is does the binding of the rg350 neck (and 2570 also) make the fretboard thicker and more comfortable to me or the rg1570 also has exactly the same neck like 350 and 2570?
i like the 1570 more but because it's neck looks the same as the cort neck i'm afraid of buying another small neck guitar like the previous one
i must notice that i don't have the ability to test these to guitars(1570 and 2570) before buy them
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1570s neck will probably be wider than the cort.

the 1570 is a great guitar with a fantastic neck. go for the 1570 and use the money you saved to buy some nice pups.

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you mean 1570 neck wideness and thickness is exactly like 2570 and 350 ,even without binding?
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Those models all have different necks depending on when they were made.
Binding isn't something that's usually added onto the side of the existing fretboard. With binding, generally the area that it's put in used to have wood there. It's usually routed out to make a little shelf of sorts and the binding is then put in.

So what I'm saying is, the neck is the same width, regardless of binding.
The neck on the 350 has the same width (43mm at nut/58mm at 24th) as the prestige neck, the prestige neck is slimmer by 1mm and has a more flat radius. If you like the 350's neck I guarantee you will like the Prestige.
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I hear the new Wizard III necks have the same thickness as the prestige necks...
At least the one on my Rg350MZ is pretty comfortable.
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