Hi ya'll!

Love listening and playing Like a Rollin Stone by Hendrix ( i know its Dylans).

Just wondering what hes doin in this video at 1:24?

Im guessing he's playin an E-shape C-chord?

it sounds like he changes the setting of the guitar as he goes to it though, any ideas?
Knowing Hendrix, it's probably that yes, but he quite often played the E shaped barre chords like this


The C on the high e string is optional.

So basically it's like a "small F" when you're learning to play before your teacher gets you on your barre chords.

EDIT: For the C on the low E, you'd probably use your thumb, that's how Hendrix did it and that's how a lot of people do. It's just a lot easier than getting your pinky involved.

It's very common in Hendrix songs.
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What he said ^^^^ but played down at the 2nd fret, F# major, probably the 3rd fret for Jimi if he's in his usual Eb, that's at 1.24.