Whats it like.....only got a couple years of college left, and a music degree is most likley gonna have me working inside a guitar store

Please tell me how amazing it is. Tell me how epic and life changing it is to be surrounded in a mecca for guitarists everyday
Every ****ing day you'll be asked "wutz ur most br00tz guitar i rellly like B.C. Rich" or be told "Go away, I know more than you, pathetic employee. Why do I even patronize this establishment? You're all so incompetent."

But other than that, it'll be great.
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what? having a registered sex offender stair at you?


at getting a music store job with a music degree. you'll probably be overqualified at that point compared to most of the employees.
It's not bad. It's not hard, you just have to be friendly and have a lot of knowledge. Also need to be good at demonstrating gear for beginners.

And sure, you have to put up with annoying people, but you do with any job. The most irritating being the ones who think that the shop is place to just come in and play guitars without any intention of buying.

Also, selling people MGs is heart-braking.
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Unless you've done sales before, you're going to be:
-cleaning and polishing - guitars, amps, fixtures, bathrooms
-taking out the trash
-unloading boxes
-pricing items
-helping people try gear out
-running errands

and then the really fun part...dealing with people who have no intentions of buying gear, but just want to try every guitar/amp in the store.

I'd like to help, but not as much as I'd like not to.

"To be successful, you need to be a good musician. To be popular, you just need to be fashionable" - Ritchie Blackmore