I have a problem sliding power-chords . The ones that you use 2 fingers on the neck not that much but with 3 always when i slide my finger like curves and i know it shouldnt do that . I know some people play chords that way but im pretty sure thats wrong. So yeah basicly i am holding the chord right and when i slide it up (Only happens when i slide up) the fingers curve . . .
Can somebody give me a exercise ot something to improve this .
Just pay attention to your hand and try to keep your fingers in the same position the whole time. Work on it slowly and make sure you're doing all the motions right.
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Keep practicing, Just slide from a G5 to a A5 and keep practicing..


...way to do upside down tabs..

Yeah keep practicing, but try practicing really slowly (really slowly) and see if you can slide slowly, in time, without it happening.

Chances are you're pressing really hard with the fingers on your left hand. How long have you been playing? It's possibly a leftover from when you first started and had to grip harder to get the strings to ring out, so when you slide up, your fingers are digging into one spot just behind the fret and trying to cling on while you slide. When you slide down it is less likely to happen because you're dragging your fingers rather than pushing into them.
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Aces High by Iron Maiden is how I fixed that quick.
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