I started playing bass like 5 years ago, and everything was all fine, until I got my first guitar 1½ years ago. Obviously I started practising playing guitar pretty much to learn to handle that also.
The problem is that I can't play the bass as good as earlier anymore, although I still trained with the bass as well almost every day. My right hand gets stressed way too fast nowadays. I can't even get through half of some songs I did easily earlier, for example the song invaders by iron maiden is impossible, although I played it easily two years ago... I'm hoping someone here could help me with this issue.
Do you play bass with your fingers or a pick? Could be string gauge, your hand just became wussier without those big n thick strings. Steve Harris lines tend to whoop my ass too.
yeah,when I switch from my bass to guitar for a couple days it starts out like "pfft,guitar is for bitches."until my hands get used to it.then when I switch back to bass,It's like "holy **** this is hard!" It's just that your hands become accustomed to the easier playing of a guitar,and when you switch back your hands aren't used to applying that strength anymore.
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Also, watch your hand positioning esp. if you are playing fingerstyle on bass. This can have a big impact on speed and strength if your bringing over habits from guitar playing.