Excuse the suggestive title, I don't intend to offer you any NSFW material.
Now that we have that topic out of the way, I must inform you of my problem.

I just bought a new, Brass nut for my P bass copy, and after removing the old one (and breaking it in the process) I put the new item in.
After this, I have realized that the height of the nut is too low (despite measuring three times, and checking against the original) and the string touches the first fret.

What could I use to prop the nut up? and would using different things end up changing the sound?

I've been told to use cut up bits of old credit card, is this a wise idea?
just pack a little chunk of wood under the nut, and it'll be fine?}
Should it be the same size as the nut?

Thanks for the quick reply
Yeah dude, just get a little bit of veneer under there. Cut it to the same dimensions as the nut and glue it in
nice one!
unfortunately, I don't keep any sort of wood in stock.
back to the thing about credit card pieces, would that do as a temporary fix?
I wouldn't shove plastic in there... especially not with the intent to have it stick to the wood underneath. You'd be much better off going to any hardware store and buying little shims and cutting them to size.
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