Hey folks, check out my newest creation titled, Cold Steel. It's on my profile. Will C4C as promised. Thanks in advance.
I can't really judge this musically, because I don't listen to such genres.

But, in terms of mixing and mastering, I very well can. It sounds too dry for my taste. I'm used to listening to very produced music with something called "wall of sound", meaning absolutely every frequency is filled with something and the overall composition would sound very "wide". The drum tones, especially. It is quite obvious that they are programmed, not played by a human, you should try to edit the velocities, especially on blast beats, and add some atmosphere to it with a bit of effects. Try listening to MyGrain, they're melodic death metal, and by far they are the only band whose drumming sounds REALLY good to me on the record.

Guitars seem to be recorded well, though as I pointed out earlier, if it was a bit "bassy" on the side I'd like it more. But it's just me, it's not even my genre, I can only comment on the mastering, musically I didn't like it, so I guess you did a good job, because I don't like industrial metal.

Overall it sounded pretty good, but not enough to reach the "professional quality" in terms of mastering and mixing.


^ mine.