Really liking this one, Fly. There were some definite ominous parts especially near the middle section which had a very cool atmosphere to them. The droning of the notes really helps set the mood as well.

It would be nice for the 'rhythm' clean guitar (if it can be called that haha) to have a bit more structure to it. It would help it sound quite a bit more menacing if it was a kind of minor arpeggio structure rather than the dissonant random notes it is now.

But still, I really like what you did with this one!
Metorical, this one really came out of nowhere. My wife has Lyme disease and she was laying down using one of her treatments in my music room so I tried to make something soothing. I tend to record my practice a lot so I just happened to catch this one.

Even though I was trying to make some soothing music it really came out completely different than I expected. All of my songs are one of a kind. I can't really even play the stuff I make a second time. It's weird but that's why I record a lot. Thanks for listening!
I really like the whole vibe of it. I usually don't like all kinds of crazy effects but I think the effects you used really added to the kind of gloomy tone you got going on here. In this one I thought the lead tone was a bit harsh, especially after listening to some of your other recordings. One thing I would recommend just for your playing in general is to use some vibrato to really give your leads some extra feeling. Other than that I really like what you're trying to do in this one.
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Diver, I concur about the lead tone being a bit harsh. That was the first thing that hit me when I reviewed the recording. Especially right around 1:33. Vibrato is definitely one of my weak points. I know that and it's why you don't hear much if any in my recordings. It's not that I don't try when practicing. But I get frusterated by it.

Thanks for the review.