so i have an mbox and a bunch of condenser and dynamic mics. recently I've been trying to find a way around buying a digi rack for it is kinda too pricey for me right now. i discovered i can plug in three mics into the two inputs by having the quarter inch cable mics plug into another cable that splits into 2 female endings. i was wondering if this ruins the quality and changes the effect at all on either of the mics. also if i was to repeat this step a few times and plug in a few extra cable splitter thingys through more cable splitter things etc etc and have multiple mics plugged in. is there anyway to split those mics to different tracks or am i stuck recording to one track without a digirack?
Your recording all those mics on one track, and you can't gain them separately, which by far is the biggest problem. On drum overheads it might just work, but it'll be mono anyway so you would still be better of doing it with one mic since two mics on the same source in mono might bring you phase problems and stuff if it's not done properly.
Heres your solution:
Upgrade to Pro Tools 10
Buy a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Derpy Derp Derp Herp Derp