Hello everyone, I have recently entered my music project Moon River into an international high school battle of the bands called School Jam USA. The nature of the competition requires votes to move on to the final round in California. If we make it, my school will be guaranteed money to support its music program. Just to give you an idea of what our music department is like, all instruments and repairs are either donated or paid for out of my music teachers pocket, we receive no funding whatsoever. So I am appealing to the UG community for votes.
All you have to do is go to http://www.schooljamusa.com/ click "sign up to vote" and then search "Moon River" in the search box and vote for us!. You can listen to our music here:
as well as on our SJUSA profile page.
like us on facebook at:
If you don't like our music, that's fine. I encourage you to vote anyway to support teenage musicians and my school's struggling music program.
Thanks so much,