Hi Guys. So I was just checking the tubes and checking if they were in place and I came across an empty power tube socket. Now this bothers me. Could this be the reason my amp is buzzing like hell? Could it be the reason why the clean channel isn't working and the vibrato channel is? If it helps it is the first tube on the right side if you are facing the rear of the speaker.

Got it secondhand in March and only thought to check it now

Would you guys please give me some answers?

Peace, love and happiness to all!

EDIT: Sorry guys just realized my mistake. It's not a power tube, it's a pre-amp tube. The little card on the inside of the amp says it's a 7052 tube that should be in said place.
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The lack of a tube could definitely render your clean channel obsolete. GO GET A TUBE!!!
Should it be a match set of new tubes? I'm just saving up to refurbish the amp so that goes on the list. Any speaker suggestions for the amp? It has a celestion G12-K and a fender blue back in at the moment. Why they are different I still wonder.
power tube, or preamp?

power tube is the large sockets, reamp is the tiny sockets.

can you please provide pics of the amp, and the socket? cause if it still works, i'm guessing its the v3 position, which means it will need to be matched and balanced.
Hi guys! It was a pre-amp tube. Getting new tubes in the next week so yes. My amp is gonna live! Whoo!