as in fret board width, been looking to bu a guitar finally, thing is i have big fingers that usually cover 2 strings at the smaller points of my fingers, was wondering if any company/makes have bigger necks for my hands that are used to basses? i'd prefer if it wasn't a 7 string but any insight is appreciated
Fender do some fat necks, I have long fingers and find the normal ones a bit cramped.
If not, try gibsons (someone could reccomend you one), Ibanez, Jackson, or the brian may signature (huge neck)
Seagull acoustics have some wide necks. Plus they sound amazing.
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I had kind of the same problem too.. Then I tried out a few guitars and found that Jackson Soloist had a rather comfy neck.. but Gibson LP was the absolute winner. I love the feel of the neck on my LP.
As an advice, I should say that try pretty much anything out, besides Schecter. They don't really have wide necks (at least to my liking) and they're kind of shreddy too. Ibanez RGs have rather wide necks, but they're really thin, didn't really like them either.
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Ibanez, off the top of my head. I don't know of any other major companies that use a 43mm nut width. The most common width is 42mm.
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trying Agiles at rondomusic.com
Here are some of there Wide models.
Some of these come in several different colors so just shop around.


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