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Been quite a while since I've been in this forum, yet alone posted anything. Heres a new one called 'The Central Line'. The wierd drumbeat behind is basic for now, not only as its in a primitive demo form, but also so it doesnt take too much away from the piece as a whole.
Central Line.gp5
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Intro kind of reminds me of Deerhunter. I don't really like the string ensemble at IV, too dissonant or something, just doesn't sound right. The chorus was alright, and while I understand shoegaze is usually repetitive, I think you should of switched up the piano playing a bit more there though.

I don't really have much to say. The song was decent, although a little repetitive, which is expected in shoegaze. It has potential to be better if you change a few things, maybe some different rhythms. It is decent as it is though.

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