I have a vintage Vantage Avenger guitar from I think it's the 70's. It's probably had a bit of use in it's day but it's mine now. Anyway I've been playing for about a year now so it's not player error, but when I play certain notes around the 2nd/3rd frets of the G/B strings they buzz. Really notice it with a D chord. Looking at the frets I can see some ware and it looks like someone liked a bit to much vibrato cause they are kinda worn down in places.

Any common fixes to this? Is this a common problem with older guitars? Would adjusting the bridge fix this or would I have to raise it so much that it would be uncomfortable to play?

Thanks a lot!
depending on the amount of ware,who may need the frets leveled or have it refretted
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Another possible cause of that sound is the neck being bent just a tiny bit, which causes the strings to vibrate against the frets. You could try messing around with the truss rod and bridge height a bit, see if that helps.
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Nice to see a fellow Vantage owner!

I've posted me playing some solos using my Vantage, just the other day: http://www.youtube.com/user/YazGuitarChannel?feature=mhee

Your problem may be due to fret wear. I've had my guitar since 1983, and there is fret wear around the 2nd and 3rd frets, although it hasn't yet affected the sound. I always fear for the day when that happens, though.

Tell me how you have solved your problem when you do.