Anyone know any good songs to help me work on more complex finger picking patterns? I just learned Love is All by the tallest man on earth, which actually took me a couple days to get down (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BsZt_3MifU). I'd prefer indie-ish songs or older folk songs, maybe something sad, but anything works. thanks!
Suggest a song thread dudelet. I'd say James Taylor songs are always a safe bet though.

Also, you may find intersting learning some basic fingerstyle patterns to develop independence between thumb and fingers which ventures into Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel territory.
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"Spirit in the sky" norman greenasdfgadfgag (i forgot how to spell the rest of the name)

not acoustic, but still finger picked
For a more modern fingerstyle approach, try Why Georgia by John Mayer. It has some subtle percussive slaps in there. Awesome riff.
trying not 2 b a dick, but definitely don't want suggestions like john mayer, and i've always thought james taylor was cheesy. Same with Spirit in the sky but that sounds like an overdriven electric piano to me