Im going to be trying some guitars out soon and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations, my budget is up to and including £400. I play a range of genres from Alternative to hard rock, Not to bothered about the type of pickups as long as they sound good not to bothered about a trem system, would ideally prefer a normal bridge but not overly bothered either way. Basically just needs to be a good sounding versatile guitar. Will be playing it through a Blacksta HT60 Stage. Any question please ask.
Is there a particular body you're after or are you just looking for us to throw around some ideas?
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Pretty much open to anything apart from V's and Guitars in the Dean Razorback style
Epiphone Les Paul/G-400
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I'd reccomand you a very nice Vintage V2. Sounds and plays very well and, being basicly a great copy of a Tele, has that unassuming look that works good with Alternative music. Check at jhs.co.uk. You could find many axes made by Trev Wilkinson there, at unbelievable prices.
But, if you allow me to offer an advice, don't buy online. Find a music store next to you and listen to the guitar yourself, check for all details (I could give you a list) or, if you're not confident in your ability of tracking a good axe, take an experienced player with you. Being spared of all the annoying little troubles that might come if you buy online worths all the effort.
Yeah you could grab an Epiphone SG or Les Paul, good guitars. There's also Fender MIM HSS strats, they can be very versatile.

Oh and remember to try looking for used guitars, you can find some great deals there.
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Cheers Guy's and yeh I will deffinitely be buying in store just wanted some recommendations to try out As I have no idea where to start, I've been playing for a few years so am comfortable trying out in shops, I just see so many guitars that look and sound appealing that i wondered if anyone had some particular recommendations
I would normally never suggest an Epiphone but I think in this situation a SG 400 would deffinately be something that you should try out. But also try out some fender strats since you can easily block off the trem.
It's a long list. First of all, you should check the finish very carefully: the neck/body joint, the fingerboard, the frets (they have to be perfectly polished), no scratches, no dents, no ripped-off paint etc. A guitar showing finish flaws is very unlikely to be hastly put together or transported in bad conditions, hence it might hide other flaws as well.
Then you must literally knock on the wood. Both the neck and the body should sound in a proper way for the kind of timber they're made of. A Mahogany body with a bright sound isn't right, for instance.
Then you must play it unplugged. If it sounds "dead" when playing unplugged, it will sound dead plugged too. You must feel comfortable playing it. It's a good thing you don't have prejudices - like "Gibson's or Epiphone's neck is too thick" or "Ibanez's Wizard Pro is the ultimate neck on Earth" -, it means you look for something to be comfortable with. If it sounds and feels good unplugged, you can almost buy it, because any other problems with pickups and electronics can be solved after, with little money; if the wood is bad, there's nothing to be done.
One last check: play it for a longer time before buying and try to "abuse" it (hammer-on, pull strings, bend the vibrato hard if it has one etc.). The goal is to verify if the tuning pegs hold the pitch. If you can buy something provided with reputed tuning pegs, like Grover, Wilkinson, Gotoh or Schaller, take it. Tuning is vital for your long-term relationship with the new axe.