hey guys,

my pen leaked few mins ago and some of it leaked on my fingers,

and somehow i've got a tiny blob of it on my guitar

I'm really sad is there anyway i could get rid of ink stain on my precious guitar?


EDIT: its a small blob on the body near the sctrach plate area
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That's not an ink stain, that's character.
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What is your guitar finished with? If it's just a poly finish, it should come right out with some guitar polish and a cloth.
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Depends on if your guitar is finished.
It should just come out from a bit of elbow grease and water on a cloth.. although I'm sure you've probably tried that.

Ink's meant to bind with fibres.. so on plain wood It'll be tough to get out. I have no idea on that then.
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Quote by Chaos-Serenade
Nail polish remover?

If the guitar has a laquered finish wont it all end up a bit Mr Bean with Whistlers Mother?

Anyway, i would be inclined to just leave it. Your guitar is likely to pick up many battle scars over the years and if a little ink blob is the worst thing that happens to it then count yourself lucky
What kind of ink is it? Is it of the type that can be erased with one of those white eraser pen things?
Try mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth to start. Elbow grease should do the rest.

If not, try naptha (lighter fluid). Its harmless to most finishes.

Clean and polish afterward.
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