which one? is the slash wah worth the price? i heard the distortion switch is a bit pointless because it has so much noise.

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In my opinion the distortion isn't all that bad. It helps when you need an extra boost. Most of the people who say it sucks are probably idiots who cranked it all the way up.

You can probably find a used one for a good price. Mine was 180 used on eBay a few years ago. Plus the awesome red paintjob is worth every penny.
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Two totally different animals. Depends on your style of music. I like my v847, it's classic and simple. I find the slash crybaby to be a bit overkill.
Find a used GCB-95 and mod it. Crybabys are overpriced for what they are.
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the slash one sucks. the distortion ruins it and the wah is average.

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Just buy a normal Crybaby. I have 2 of them. An old Jen Crybaby I bought new in 1982 and a more recent Jim Dunlop Crybaby. They both sound great, and believe me it's not worth paying out the extra money just cos it's got Slashes's name on it imo!
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Depends on what you want to play. I had both a V847 and a Crybaby, and I have to say that the Crybaby handles distrotion a lot better than the VOX, but it, in comparison, shines on a clean setting. I suggest you test both of 'em, though I wouldn't drop the extra cash on a Slash wah, just because it says Slash on it.
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wahs aare all the same dude, just buy a cheap one whatever it is (no SMD components tough) and mod it.
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