Hi, Leave The Body is a really weird band with a sound that we haven't exactly pinned down yet, but please tell us what you think, here's our FaceBook page any criticism is appreciated (though preferably it's constructive), if you like us, like us. Can't promise I'll like back as per forum rules, but if you leave a link to your band we'll definitely check it out.

We've got a good bit of new material, here's a video of us performing one of our new songs, feel free to take a look at our other vids and as always likes are appreciated
P.S. We have a new guitarist
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Cool stuff! I really enjoyed it, and you have got a great guitar tone. The point at about 0.30 where it transactions into the heavier part worked really well. Gave you a like on FB.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen and a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it
Thanks a lot man, I liked your page (really hope that doesn't get me modded, I swear this is not supposed to be a like4like thread)
I don't always listen to metal, but when I do I prefer Leave the body

It was good, you actually do have a unique sound. Normally I try to compare bands with someone but I couldn't really think of anyone. Good job.
Thanks, I think our sound is so different because we all have preferences that somewhat clash with each other's but we work to make it a sound we all enjoy.

P.S. Thanks again, really, it feels great to hear positive things about our music.
*update* we just put our second song up and we would love to hear anyone's opinion on it.
*update* Here's a video from our latest show, we're going in to the studio to record soon and we would love feedback on our new material. Link