Mom asked for a christmas list today and a new guitar is probably going to be the only thing on it.

basically all i'm looking for is a guitar to do everything that my current schecter doesn't.

must have:
passive pickups (HH or HSH)
preferably a fixed bridge unless you REALLY sell me on a trem. i change tunings a lot

Price: lets keep it under $600 or very near to it
new please
will be used for pretty much everything

a piezo pickup would also be a big sell for me

and on a side note, i will most likely end up replacing the pups so they rnt too huge a concern for me
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i'm kind of starting to like the ibanez rg premiums. the top sheet looks amazing. ideas of prices on those?
I don't get it, what cant your Schecter do?
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Quote by Dellinger1988
I don't get it, what cant your Schecter do?

the actives aren't' very versatile and the tones for light gain and clean just aren't what i'm looking for. its a beast for metal but i want something else that can do light gain, crunch, rock (not quite metal) and nice cleans. the actives add dirt to my clean signal even with the volume knob turned down
i'm going to change the direction of this. input on the ibanez premium series. i think that is where i'm headed