My band & I just started out over the summer. However, I'm a little stuck at the moment.

The guitarist & I started off great and he was willing to collaborate, but then he kinda grew a little stubborn. He tells me how I should compose my songs, how to sing and keeps pushing a genre of music on our band. I talked to the rest of the band about the genre and all we know is that we want to be different. Our guitarist keeps pushing indie on us and we're not sure if we want to do that. Some of the stuff he comes up with all sounds the same and kinda boring.

I'm really getting sick of him trying to boss me around and being rude all the time to me. I really think my band has some potential, I just don't know what to do about this. Please help.
Talk to your band and see if they feel the same way. If they do then as a band sit down and talk it over with him and come to a compromise. If you cant come to a compromise or you just don't feel like he's right for the band anymore then kick him out. The thing is, is that things are only going to get worse if it keeps going on and it might lead to the whole band breaking up.
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