I am looking for a distortion/overdrive pedal that will get me a really good Led Zeppelin tone. Does anybody know of anything that will get me this kind of a sound? Thanks
Zeppelin? hmm... yeah I'd say Boss DS-1. It's cheap, and is an excellent starting distortion pedal.

Or, if you're willing to spend a little extra, go with a boss FDR-1. I believe Guitar World used them to achieve Zeppelin sounds back when they were tabbing out their songs.
Get your hands on a Supro or an older Marshall.

Or, more simply, a Marshall in a box style pedal.
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TS what gear do you have?

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My band plays Classic Rock covers so the sound you want is very similar to that. I used to have a DS1, it was ok for chords, but for lead it was horrible so I sold it cos it was so bad.
If you are thinking about getting one make sure you try it first. On the other hand, if your budget is limited try the Marshall Guvnor 2 Plus, it's only around £45 and is great for everything. I bought one and use it for band rehearsals and recording.
the **** is up with this thread? ds1s? metalzones (ok so maybe that one was a troll)?

you want a fuzz for led zep, pretty much. tonebender mark II, as far as i'm aware.

if your amp's distortion sucks, maybe an od pedal. though really a better amp would be a better idea there, considering the proliferation of cheap low wattage tube amps which'll get you into the ballpark a lot better than an od pedal through an ss amp.
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what amp and guitar are you using? the tone bender would be authentic at least for early Zep. maybe an EH Big Muff would do a reasonable job as well. it does depend on the amp you use though.