It occurred just south of the Arkansas line
in a louisiana town on a saturday night
it was a simple fight that got out of hand
some boy pulled his gun and made a honest man
outta me, yea
outta me

I said, "I'll kill you dead if you try me son"
a twitch of his hand and thats I done
grabbed my woman got us to the car
Lord knows we didnt get too far.

Sheriff pulled behind me with his lights shining bright
but no law mans taking me tonight
see I did a little time in new orleans
a cage aint no place for a guy like me

so I shot that sheriff right between the eyes
and ran to the sound of sirens in the night
and pointed that car west
towards the texas line.

Headed south towards mexico
when your on the run
thats just where you go.
Praying to god the federalis
wont find me

Well sometimes I wish I lied.
Cause that boy and that sheriff
would still be alive
and Id be drinking whiskey
somewhere south of the
Arkansas line.

And I bet that woman
would still be by my side.
You see she wanted no part
of the wanted life
ran stateside the first chance she got
and told all of them
just where I could be found.

Thats why I walk my last mile now
Shuffling along
shackled and bound
Another honest man taken down
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