Guess I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight so here's something I'm curious to hear other opinions about.

I find that how most people are with their favorite artists, they usually don't like their most popular tracks. It's usually something like "Well, 'Just Like Heaven' by The Cure is a great song, but my favorite tracks are derp de derp..."

So who are some artists that you think the public really chose well on their best music? In other words, you think their best material is on their compilation albums like "Greatest Hits of ____"

I think that with soul and R & B music, the most popular songs are usually the best. I don't think I'll ever like an Al Green song as much as "Let's Stay Together." I also LOVE this track by Midnight Star, which is only one of like, two hits they had.

I'm probably gonna get shit for saying this, but when I listened to Led Zeppelin, I found most of the songs that weren't on the Early Days and Latter Days compilation to be pretty boring. I always hated the 25-minute live versions of Dazed And Confused which were basically a medley of not as popular tracks.
Blink 182
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Blink. no doubt.
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10 Years. The band doesn't have a Greatest Hits album, but none of their albums have any filler on them, and the singles are great representations of the band.
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Bob Dylan.
With the big exception being the song "4th Time Around" (God I love that track) I agree with this.
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Queen's greatest hits very well illustrate their best I think.

Agreed. I would say some artists that lack a catalog of the depth of someone like Zeppelin would fit your criteria. ELO, Bad Co (though Deal with the Preacher is great and not usually on a greatest hits), and I think a lot of new wave bands.

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Selkies: The Endless Obsession is a great track to be BTBAM's most well-known song.
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Roy Orbison?
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Bob Dylan.

Very true. If for no other reason than the man has such a huge catalog of music.