So I wrote this incredible rock/pop song today. Its super mellow, very simple and laid back. I'm having the hardest time coming up with lyrics for it. Its 4/4, about 80 bpm.

Anyone willing to give me some lyrics they have kicking around I can have, or maybe some ideas/themes or anything?? Would really apprecciate any help!
One theme I was thinking of trying out is something having to do with aliens/visitors or stars/space type stuff because its a very "spacey" and almost heavenly/galaxy/atmospheric feel.

Again, any help/ideas greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If it's a very spacy sound, yeah, you could do some futuristic story about I don't know, someone turns out to be an alien, goes up to the planets, but in fact was not an alien, and he just tried to save mankind from an earthdestroying attack, lol. Be creative. Time travel is also epic.
Yes, all themes I'm trying to go for! Can anyone think of a line or verse to help start me out? I'm horrible at english/poetry/lyrics

(ok since I'm forcing these lyrics it prob won't sound good but it can be a start)

hold back the cancer creeping in
dark shadows rise forget where we begin
and all eyes will turn with a distant stare
in silent wonder of the light that keeps us here

hold on, the horizon shines for us
clean cut like a knife through clouds of dust
rain down the stars from where they lie
stand among the only one's who will rise

yea I really don't know where this might go but if it helps cool!!
if you want to be inspired to write space-like lyrics I'd recommend Angels and Airwaves. they might be played out but I think their music and lyrics have captured this concept the best.
Listen to Subterrenean Homesick Alien by Radiohead, maybe you'll find inspiration. Also listen to space rock bands and such. Jeez, you could probably get inspiration from Joe Satriani song titles.