Does anybody know if these guitars, the faded model in particular are neck heavy? IE, they dip towards the floor if you take your hand away from them when standing?

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They are somewhat neck-heavy, but I never had problems with that when sitting down and with a little broader leather strap you won't have any problems with it when standing up.
SGs are neck heavy. 50s neck will be moreso because its thicker than the 60s neck. I have an SG Standard with 50s neck and dont mind it though.
Isn't this an asinine thing to worry about? If you're playing, you're going to have your fretting hand on the neck, thereby correcting whatever sway it has. And as for being aware of the headstock when you're walking or shifting position, it's a few degrees away from the hanging angle of most other guitars. I wouldn't fret too much about it. It'd be like buying a sports car and being concerned about the sensitivity of the clutch. Just get used to it and drive it.
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