Hey i have been looking amps for a long time now, and i wanna know what do you think which option is better. Fender frontman 212r or Blackheart little giant half-stack.
Fender is in my country 269€, Blackheart is 296€. Which is louder and more apropriate for punk, bluese, classic rock, and can be heard well over the drummer?
I am not beginner anymore, so i want good sound. I have one crapy McCrypt 25 watt amp now, and i really want to go to better level. I also thought of Vox AC15 vr. Feel free to recommend another amp.

Thank you!

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I have a Fender Frontman 212R and I love it. The cleans are totally Fender, it can get a great classic rock crunch, if you hit the mid contour button you can get a great modern distortion sound, and most of all it's loud as hell. Just putting it past 2 is too much where I live.
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I have a 212r and its clean channel is brilliant, but the distortion channel is pants. Over trebley, its controllable at low volume, but if you're gigging and have to put it past 3 it just gets ridiculous. It doesnt have a lot of punch either, shame cuz the clean channel is actually brilliant.
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I can tell you that the Blackheart goes really well with multi effects. But I am not sure if it will be loud enough to keep up with a drummer, so you might want to test it out first.
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Neither, but out of the two, get the Blackheart if you have to get one. I wouldn't touch the Fender with a shitty stick
I think you should get the Handsome Devil instead of the Little Giant.
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The Handsome Devil is 15/7 watts class A while the Little Giant is 5 watts class A. The LG is a great amp no doubt but the HD gives you more. I like my HD very much since I put old stock tubes in it.
Parker PDF30
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