My objective is to cut back on the amount of spam threads by having the spammers come here. Will it work? Probably not. Points for trying, though, right?

inb4 Will this Android look cool live?
Well, I think I'll go turn myself off an' go on down
All the way down...
Really ain't no use in me hanging around
You know what I'm trying to say
Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, and-a kiss
Manic Depression is a fustrating mess
You know nothing of how bots work...
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

Quote by DisarmGoliath
You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
Even if everybody thought this was a brilliant idea and the mods stickied it it still wouldn't work because the cunts who come in here and make trivium and lamb of god threads never read the stickys anyway.

If you're talking about all the advertisements on the other hand, it's an even worse idea.

Consider this reported, cunts.