When i am playing chords i try to keep my wrist as straight as possible but when i am playing scales i bend my wrist quite alot. Am i doing something wrong? How much are you supposed to bend your wrist when playing scales?
As long as youre not twisting it hell knows how and it doesnt limit your reach its ok.

As Zeletros pointed out - if youre comfortable and relaxed everything is fine.

While im a fan of classical wrist position myself but do whatever works for you best
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focus on getting your whole arm under the neck of the guitar and lean your body toward the neck. its easier to do this if you play from the classical position on your left leg, and this converts to playing when standing up and will actually make you better at playing standing up. if you play in this position it will naturally correct your wrist position.

also the neck should be like this at about a 45 degree angle to the floor not in line parallel to the floor.
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