What kind of equipment do you guys think is good for use for indie rock?

I mean anything that would help with the generic kind of tone (guitars, amps, pedals etc).
Hmm.. Well... I think:

- Fender Twin Reverb or Deluxe reverb
- Any guitar with low-output pickups
- EHX Big Muff and a tubescreamer or RAT.

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Fender Tele, Fender, Vox, or Orange amp, reverb, fuzz, and maybe a delay pedal.
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Definitely a decent reverb and a tele. I see alot of MXR mirco amps on Indie pedalboards too, though I think a decent clean sounding tube combo like an Vox AC15/30, Fender Blues junior, Twin or Deluxe Reerb will give you that glassy, treblely tone.

Starting your band with a 'The' helps too.
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If you're getting a Vox, go with AC30 over AC15 if you can (I have an AC15, love it to death, but it's not for the lover of clean headroom).

Get a Tele and shorten your strap. A lot.

Get an EHX Holier Grail. Get two delays, a basic digital for the floor and an analog (MXR Carbon Copy and Ibanez AD9 are good) for your "at arm's length" (as opposed to on the ground at your feet) pedalboard so you can play and simultaneously make those nice warbling and self-oscillating sounds.
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