Hey guys

I have written a number of finger picking songs, the only problem is when I try to sing over them, my voice usually tends to follow what my guitar is doing (e.g. following the lead or the bass).

Do you have any tips of how to get out of this habbit and be able to sing an original melody over it?

I hope I have explained this well.
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Practice the guitar part until it's stuck in your muscle memory and you can play it while keeping a conversation. Or just break it down in pieces so that you practice like "when I play this note I will sing this note" etc and then try to connect everything together.
It does need to be that you don't have to think about what you are doing with the guitar. Sometimes I will pause the fingerpicking and start singing or just do single stums while I am practicing the singing, then continue with fingerpicking and singing. It is a matter of not even really listening to what your guitar is doing and singing seperately
Practice singing and playing separately your song until you are really comfortable with both. Then perform them both at the same time.
Definitely just practice. RHCP's "Slow Cheetah" was the first fingerpicking song I learned, and it wasn't for a while that I started singing. It really is just playing it over and over until it's pure muscle memory. Play while you're watching TV, while you're bored... just keep playing it over and over until you're sick of it. Then add in singing, and you'll be surprised how well it works.
Seems a common enuff problem. I go thru the same until I'm familiar enuff w/the tune to actually be able to accompany my voice with the guitar. Playing the tune/notes and singing to them is reverse. Only "back-up" singers are accompaniment !

Try singing the tune acappella. Then do the fingerpicking till ya get it down. Now try singing the tune and add in just chords w/an easy strum that matches the beat. After a few sessions like that, slowly add the fingerpicking.

I take the easy way out and use fingerpicking for voice silent passages, then go back to strum when voice section comes on. After while, the FP sections get easier and I meld them together pretty well...most times!

I could be FOS; but I hope that helps
cheers for the advice guys, much appreciated
when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do