Hey guys, so I'm about to start a project where I'll be attempting to sound-proof my bedroom door.

I live in a town-house with 3 other guys so it gets really loud sometimes when I'm trying to study, record music or you know... sleep.

The layout of the house is pretty terrible in terms of acoustics. Concrete walls and wooden floors amplify the sounds coming from downstairs and send them right up the stairway into each of the bedrooms at the top floor. It's basically as if someone is yelling right into your room whenever there's any noise coming from below.

My project of sound-proofing my door has a budget around $200.

Some things I've researched and considered buying are:

1 Door Sweep Seal: approx $10-15
Foam gasket tape: ??

And that's it so far.

Can anyone help with this and maybe recommend more supplies? Thanks in advance.
Does very little for bass frequency propagation through the damn walls. Mids and highs are easier to kill, but if they're gonna be throwing a party, you gotta pop some earplugs.
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ear plugs - $1
new amp - $199
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Ain't much you can do about bass frequencies.

There is some kind of special foam you can get that recording studios use for sound dampening but I have no idea of it would be within your budget.

I would suggest moving. I don't mean like gtfo asap. But just plan on not living there for much longer.
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You won't soundproof your bedroom unless you build a room inside a room.

200$ isn't going to get you far, you need to use a insulation with dense properties such as rock wool RWA45 (not sure of American equivalent) and lots of it.

This will only 'trap' the High frequencies and high mids, you will not stop bass frequencies unless you have an enormous bedroom and a very large budget.

You could try building a broadband absorber and building it onto your door.

Egg cartons don't work.

Edit: Owens-Corning 703 is an American equivalent
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