You mean something that doesn't need a big hole through the guitar?
A floyd should fit I reckon, have you seen the Vanhalen kramers? Pretty much a strat with a floyd but with no recess they only go down the way.
Hmm, I have a friend who built himself a guitar, spent about £50 on the licenced floyd. He's had no problems, but in the lower price range it's basically a lotterly as to how good your trem is really. You know you're paying for a quality item if you get a Gotoh or Schaller or whatever, whereas if you're buying something a lot less expensive then while you might be perfectly fine, you might have just bought a useless piece of scrap metal.
As you can't afford the real-deal (and I totally understand the 'not enough monies' situation) you might be a bit stuck
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hwo about a super-vee bladerunner tremolo? will fit jsut fine and is quite floating :P

I can't find these for sale in the UK. Any links?

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As long as the knife edges lineup to the posts you can use any Floyd Rose or licensed variant. When you have a recessed Floyd that is when you realy have to worry if they will fit or not. I would suggest buying a Floyd Rose Special if your on a budget, and if the post holes are spaced right for it.

The Floyd Rose Special looks quite affordable, but again, I can't find any for sale in the UK that aren't on eBay.
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cant you just order it from their website?

Not to the UK for reasonable shipping. I'd rather buy it from somewhere that's actually in Britain.