I need a very easy to use DAW with MIDI, and VST effects and instrument plugin capabilities. Price does not matter as I usually Pirate it.

Reaper does not work on my computer as I usually get this "error opening media file" upon pressing stop while recording.

Mixcraft doesn't work because it randomely cuts out part of my signal when I record it on my computer

I have a windows and its not bad in any sense, but some things just don't work on it which I find weird.

I just need a good DAW to use on it that doesn't take much advanced knowledge. Thanks in advance guys.
- Cody

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Price does not matter as I usually Pirate it.

yeah this is a no-no on this site im afraid. but anyways i personally use either sonar or cubase and they both handle midi just fine.
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Might have helped if you hadn't already decided to pirate it... not gonna help you steal potential earnings for a company that makes something I like.
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I imagine they don't work on your computer, because you're probably using a pirated version of Windows too.

Ultimate-Guitar does not support piracy. It is illegal.
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