As i become more and more involved with singing, I learn more and more about how my own voice changes when singing in different ranges.
I have a fairly wide range, i dont have a recording, but to give you an idea its fairly chris cornell like. However, my tone becomes sort of undesirable if the key is too low or high. Is is possible to keep a smooth tone throughout your range? Or must you sacrifice some tonal qualities to hit those notes?
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
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As a Music Ed major with vocal as my primary medium I've learned a lot about voice. You have 3 voices chest head and falsetto...between the 3 of them I can go from a B below the the bass clef to a B above the Soprano clef. Now it doesnt mean I should sing that wide a range...at all...ever...so my advice to you...find the keys your comfortable singing in and dont stray to far from them. I am a bass 2 not a tenor 1 not a countertenor...i can hit those notes, doesnt mean I should.