Hey guys. Was hoping you could help me out. If I'm playing a riff on the low D string alone (or low D and A strings for that matter) that only uses picking and maybe some hammer-ons, should I be fretting with the flat part of my fingers or the tips? For example, the opening rhythm riff of LoG's Walk With Me In Hell, I noticed that Morton plays it with the flat parts of his fingers. When I play it with my fingertips, I tend to push the D string over the neck of the guitar often, especially on the little scale descend interlude. It's like 42 gauge on Drop D, so the string's real loose. Should I start practicing it with the flat parts of my fingers, or doesn't it really matter? I guess it'll also help with muting the lower strings.
Honestly just do whatever feels right for you. Also if you might want to get a thicker gauge if your strings are flopping around like that.