Hi to all you drummers out there,

okay, so I have some cash kicking about and need a new (or, actually, pre-loved) KIT to do some damage to my neighbours' ear drums...

The big question is if to go for something slightly more expensive that will keep the gear slut in me satisfied for some years to come or to go for cheap-ish used mid range. Looking for something that holds up during gigs/recording.

I had my eyes on a used Premier Genista kit, but slightly pricey and I'd need to buy a new snare separately, thus adding to the cost...
There is cheaper deals out there, just don't know if I should splash out now or buy something cheaper since this could leave me dissatisfied and needing to upgrade within a short time...

Advice please.
Premier makes some great kits, but there's nothing wrong with going with a "mid-level" kit. I used to have a high end Tamar Starclassic kit but now I have a PDP CX kit that I absolutely love and feel that, for the price they sell for used, are much better kits than the Tamas.

Really though, someone experienced with tuning can make a Pearl Export sound great, I feel like the cymbals are much more important. A cheap set with nice cymbals can sound great, but an expensive set with cheap cymbals will still sound cheap.
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Good point, I think I'll go for the cheaper one and bash the hell out of it...