I recorded this a couple years ago and it's the only multitrack production. It's a bit short because I ran dry on ideas. Plus it's my only song with vocals other than an acoustic song I wrote for my wife but never really polished enough to make public.

Oh yeah, it's the only time I've recorded my cheapo bass in a song too.


Edit: forgot to add C4C
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A little sloppy on bass at times, could use a compresser. I do like the general feel of the song, just could be mixed better. Keep working on your singing, you need to sing louder, with confidence, that comes with practice, your not bad but you have potential to be better. Keep groovin man!

Thanks for the comment guys. Yeah I was a little meek on the vocals. I have the project in Audacity format. I should go back and try redoing the vocals.

I should have said my only original tune with vocals. I do have a cover of CCR's Green River in my profile. I think that I find the guitar such a difficult job to become competent at that I neglect working on vocals. It's funny because people who are good at singing can get away with a simple backing on the guitar. I guess I'm sort of in limbo trying to figure out what's the best approach.

Forgot to mention C4C so I'll use the search to find OR threads for both of you and return the favor.