influenced by some japanese rock style, my guitar teachers band (the verse riff is almost ripped off from one of their songs except the harmony... oops ><, and i also ripped off one of my older songs in the breakdown riff XD

but yeah, any feedback would be nice. The only part i want to keep really bad is the main guitar lead lines
Oct . 30 . 2011.gp5
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Hey there

This is really cool, I'm liking it! I don't listen to much japanese rock bands, but I like some songs (can't name any bands except for Maximum the Hormone, which isn't exactly this style...) and I can sense the "japanese rock feel" in this song

Intro - I like it, the drums, the riffs, but I think it's lacking some punch... Maybe you could put some bass here.

Guitar Lead - I really like this! Great melody, I hope you didn't ripped this off any song

Verse - Nice riffs, but if you ripped them off another band, you shouldn't keep them... xD,

Breakdown - I usually hate breakdowns, but I found this one rather good . Bars 39-40 are my favorite

Overall, great song, just put some bass in there