Which do you think is a better mental stimulant for those days where you didn't get enough sleep the night before?
Coffee, I think energy drinks are kinda gross

But I don't like soda either
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A vs. thread? Oh lordy...
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energy drinks make my sh!ts come out too fast.like rusty water

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Berocca - doesn't mess up your heart rate but gives you a massive boost.
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I grow a pair and wake myself up, what kinda vagina needs drugs to wake themselves up....
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energy drinks make my sh!ts come out too fast.like rusty water

I came to this thread to post this. Hence that famous Inbetweeners scene.
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i fudging hate coffe

I've stopped drinking energy drinks though. Now I just eat to stay awake.

^This, but I need some caffeine (else I wouldn't function at all) so I drink soda throughout the day.
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I drink monster, then i become one For real though. I usually keep 2 of them in my locker at university, 1 in my bag and a box in home. Never know when a project comes up
Coffee hands down, Maybe if Energy drinks had a beautiful alluring smell. Rather just sugary overly sweet smell.

Btw. Make poll.
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Sleep. Sleep is much more effective.
I shall grant you three wishes.

None of which will work.

Does the above post enrage, offend or confuse you?


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I had big problems with concentration and got sacked from 2 jobs for making errors.

Anyway i tried coffee, ginko supplements etc, but the only thing that works for me is red bull. it sucks but its reality and i dont wanna take adhd pills or whatever.

Also if you are playin a shoot em up, it makes you totally bitchin!

BTW make sure you are properly hydrated, as hydration can often be an issue for energy.
Coffee is shit water
Most energy drinks are piss water.

The purple can rockstar was amazing though. I haven't seen it in years, I think they stopped making it