everytime i turn the amp on theres a low humming noise coming from the back of the head and when i switch the amp off standby the humming noise turns thinner ... when the gain + volume is increased so is the humming noise ...
Whats wrong with the amp i just got it today ???

this is even when a guitar isn't plugged by the way
The DSL is a (relatively) high gain amp. High gain amps hum. That's just the nature of the beast, until you start looking at really expensive stuff. You can tame it with a noise suppressor in the FX loop.
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Sounds like the transformer warming up, very normal.

if it's through the speakers it could be a bad ground
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ahhh right good
i've just got the amp today and i've never owned a valve amp before so i was getting abit worried ...
if it's normal for these amps to have a low humming noise then that's alright i was jyst checking

cheeers for the replys