Well I'm thinking about biting the bullet and getting a bass. I've wanted to for awhile now but had this on again off again affair with the guitar. Is it harder to play the bass vs guitar ? Any tip's or advice is appreciated.
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It's not any harder, but VERY different, especially if you're not well versed in guitar. I started with bass guitar and moved up to guitar from there, from my experience that seems easier than the other way. But only one way to find out
You want to go with bass... Get a bass now. You want to go with guitar... Get that guitar out. You can usually transfer from one to the other if you worked on the first one hard enough, they are pretty similar instruments to play physically... Now the mindset is pretty different. Bass guy: deep thumping or growling. Lead guitar: screeching bends and slides. Rhythm guitarist: head bobbing... that's it . Just make sure you stick with it long enough.
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This has been asked a million times, and the best boiled down answer is it's easier to get started on bass, but harder to master the delicate blend of holding down the low end rhythm, providing a melody and a percussive element (AND knowing when it's right to use the techniques and styles). That being said if you're not planning on slapping and double thumping, you can get started pretty fast pumping root notes. Heck the phrase "money frets" is simply stating if you can get the most work playing the low notes, keeping time and keeping out of the spotlight. If you're playing alone, I find I get less enthused playing bass by myself (IMO) for extended periods, so it's nice to have a guitar for song aspects.

In the end I own a drum kit, basses, guitars, and now a keyboard, if you like music having these things makes understanding each role much easier, lends to your own musical ability and observation, and helps tremendously on impromtu jam sessions :P
Thanks for the tips/advice. Gonna take a trip to Guitar Center to mess around with one. Who know's might even bring one home !