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8 24%
26 76%
Voters: 34.
Six votes are more than enough, close poll now!
If I took this cigarette and put it out on you...

...would you love me?
I say ten, there have been a LOT of good releases this year.

I've slit the throats of clergymen and governors
Those bloated swine...
May their screams unhinge a thankless crown

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Everyone is cunts.
I guess it wouldn't really matter, the people who can't think of 10 will still get the votes for what they did think of.
Don't see why you wouldn't go for 10. The best one will still get the most votes. If you pick 5 there's a chance you'll leave out a potential winner.
Wont it be put to a poll? Or are you just counting all the nominations in the existing thread? (I haven't read the discussion thread)
I thought all votes got counted, and then a third thread is made with the top however many albums from the current thread. Making a short list if you will. From that you have 5 points to award however you wish. And then the points gets added up, and obviously the album with the most points wins.

I think thats how it's working.
more or less yeah, i explain it in the thread, we'll switch it to ten spots i suppose.