I've heard from a few friends that they eat through strings, and they'd be really, really bright...

But I'm interested in their durability and playability. I've been playing with rounded V-picks for about 6 months now, and while I like the tone and comfort, some about my strumming style screws up their shape in a few weeks. As far as smooth strumming goes, do they compare?

Anyone know more? Can anyone confirm anything I know?

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I played with brass, silver, and stainless steel picks for years and never found that they ate through strings at all. Of course, I've never broken a string through any method so perhaps that's not a useful statement.

Either way, they're fun and worth a shot. They'll wear a little bit but they develop a nice sharp knife-edge which is actually quite nice since it removes some of the very bright pick attack. They last essentially forever, so if you're not a loser of picks, they're great. I've had the best luck with the brass Ice-pix. Bought a 3-pack 5 years ago and haven't needed to go back for more yet. They are exceedingly bright, and they have a very pronounced attack. They're pretty much the exact opposite of V-picks in every way except that neither of them bend or give at all.

Give them a try, they're not too expensive. If you wear picks out fast, I doubt you'll find a better answer. Stainless steel will never wear out but make a pinging sound when you hit the string that I could not deal with. Silver are excellent, really interesting tonally but the most expensive and wear out the fastest, though that's not exactly an issue with metal picks. Brass are a happy medium, they sound close to silver, very crunchy and a nice bite without the weirdness of stainless.
Ive been using a Gravity Picks the edge. The tone is very close to Gravity Picks but it comes to a sharp point and mine hasn't worn a bit. I know this doesn't help with metal picks but Roc already gave some great advice so I figured I would give an alternative. They are a bit pricey I guess, not really sure how much metal picks are but you might could try both and see what you like best.
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What about picks fashioned from coins? I've seen some on ebay for about the cost of a V-pick? Some looked like they had sketchy edges, but a few looked super smooth. Would these be worth a look?
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Funny story because I bought one of those coin picks made from a kopek from a dude on ebay then I ****ed up my elbow so bad that I haven't been able to play at all since it arrived. So maybe in two weeks I can tell you how it is.
I bought a pack each (3 per pack) of the four types that 'Ice Pix' makes. Brass, Bronze, thin Stainless Steel (Flex Steel they call them), and thick Stainless Steel. They all have their own distinct tones, but as stated, overall they tend to be much brighter and have a sharper attack than a plastic pick. The steel are definitely the brightest, and presumably would last the longest due to their composition. I did have a bit of a problem with them eating strings at first, due to the way I held them. They are kinda concave to one side (convex to the other ) and therefore tend to bite a bit harder if held one way and a little less if held the other. Hold the pick on the right side, and at the right angle, and they don't do so bad with the strings. I've had mine for near a year now and you can't even tell they're used yet.

Bought mine through Guitar Center, but they had to order them from their warehouse. Took like a week to get them. Place them with any order over $100.00 and there's no shipping. Otherwise order them direct.


The metal sampler pack is 3 each of the 4 picks and seems to be the best overall value at $15.00. Once you get used to them, they're great.